Liquid chocolate bar

The outside of the chocolate has a thin slightly firm exterior...easily broken producing a warm liquid center. We wanted to pair it with basic flavors...salt, sugar, sour yogurt, caramelization of muscavado, bitter notes and smoke.



This is one of our new snacks. The "crust" is made from candy floss and lined with lardo. With a protective layer of fat we are able to fill the inside with liquid contents....crispy pork tail, pickled chile, fried corn and goat cheese cream.


razor clam ceviche

underneath is a frozen slush of clam juice flavored with sake, mint, garlic and fresh yuzu juice.


King crab

The idea for this dish was create a look of minimalism but in fact something quite complex in flavor. We've taken the crab back to its natural surroundings...sort of. The crab is dressed with meyer lemon oil and salt. The slushy ice is young coconut water cold steeped with geranium, lemon verbena, culantro, lemongrass, chile, meyer lemon juice and rose water. Frozen coconut "snow"

apple and foie gras


Ocamare chocolate

Further experiments with pickling lime.


Cranberry beans

end of summer's herbs lettuces, flowers and vegetables


"Uni of banana"

Working on a dish for an upcoming event we need to down size an existing dish...crab with onions, uni, brown butter, chanterelle mushrooms, lime and banana. The more we play with lime pickle the more interesting results we uncover. Like Andoni's sunchoke that creates a crab like affect the banana has made its own "uni" if you will. We are then left with a skin of banana. Here we just rolled it around some crab for a platform to show off the shape. Now if only I could find orange bananas.


100% corn

The base of the dish is corn cob stock...gelled. Next to that a popcorn polenta, crispy pig tail and a basil infused toffee. A tuile is made from the pork tail stock... fried in a teflon pan until crispy. Lardo and milk skin are draped over the polenta and corn kernels. Cruze dairy buttermilk is then poured table side.....not pictured here.


Strawberries & artichokes

angelica and yarrow were added.


kusshi oysters

The oysters are treated differently...one oyster is wrapped in lemon, one seasoned with black pepper and candied ginger, the last gelled in its own juice. Daikon radish cream is poured tableside.


Foie gras

We had a gentleman requesting copious amounts of foie gras tonight....as much as I wanted to do flavors that were "outside the box" I couldn't help my love of the classics with foie gras ...black truffle ice cream, powdered pippin apple sorbet, hazelnut, long pepper, broken crostada and Foggy Ridge's apple brandy. My good friend Curtis Duffy has a dish called caviar-traditional..untraditional....I suppose this dish could fall under that title.


smoked egg yolk ravioli

Instead of a turn over style ravioli we went for the more "traditional look"...the ravioli skin and filling are 100% egg yolk. Only the filling is lightly smoked. Ham & bonito consomme.


Egg dinner

Aerated & frozen egg yolk ice cream, passionfruit, nutmeg, coffee, yogurt, lime
These are some of the egg preparations tonight...
Aerated and frozen egg yolk custard
flourless egg yolk ravioli...and hydrocolloid less with ham bouillon
scrambled egg mousse
pickled and smoked egg
egg custard infused with tea and lemon thyme
flourless and potatoless egg yolk gnocchi
smoked 63 degree egg yolk
puffed egg white
passion fruit & lime curd
aerated angelfood cake
meringue.....the list could go on but we had to fit this in 5 courses.



a work in progress...

starting our day

we have had some requests to see our kitchen....this is some of it.