slow roasted peach

o toro

what is simplistic in appearance is actually quit complicated...
the toro is lightly pickled for 3 min...then gently smoked over tea leaves.
once smoked it is charred on the "plancha" and brushed with a very minimal amount of white soy.
we make a stock out of the bones with a little shellfish added and reduce to a gelatinous consistency. right before it's served we add the stock in a tea pot along with a small amount of tea and lemon verbena...it is lightly steeped...only the time from the kitchen to the table...30sec. you have fat, acid, caramel, char..almost bitterness if you will, gelatin, smoke, wettness, herbal notes and a light saltiness in a dish that appears to be very simple.



squash seeds with caper gelee

the pulp left from the tomatoes are cooked in olive oil and vanilla seed...poured tableside


gazpacho of fruits and vegetables

squash, plum, tomato, cucumber, cherry, almond, strawberry, beet, watermelon rind, currants, sorrel, lemon thyme, autumn olive berry, peach, zucchini



this is the practice run...tomorrow refined!....but still organic
we've taken the liquid sable idea one step furter by adding it to liquid nitrogen and powdering it. the high fat content turns it back to puree in the mouth. the second powder is a peach crostada that we puree with the liquid from the peaches cooked in the gastrovac. it is also dropped in and frozen on the outside for a coulant effect. bergamont tea ice cream, maca, red bell pepper mousse and citrus marigold