Dungeness crab in chicken drippings

Sprouted wheat berries, egg yolk, hazelnut, chickweed, onion fermented in goats whey & butter, lovage

Photo by Bonjwing Lee


Dried leaves

Cabbage, aged venison, brown butter, preserves...wild allspice oil, lardo, smoke and dried heart, pickled spruce, sauerkraut.


New garlic and crustacean emulsion, wild lime, uni, dried pork stock

One of the courses we did for our recent Manresa dinner.


Seaweeds, egg yolk, "seawater" and coastal plants

Had an unbelievable time cooking at the Willows Inn!


Candied parsnip

Candied parsnip, banana, yeast sponge and lemongrass


Elements dinner

2nd Course: Back cove oyster, new spruce, spinach, an infusion of seaweeds, radish milk

Elements, New Jersey
May 25, 2012

10th Course: Dried carrot, sweet woodruff, white chocolate yogurt, tonka bean, muscavado sugar spread

Elements, New Jersey
May 25, 2012

Recent dinners

3rd Course: Barbecued Beets
Smoked mussels, whey and hazelnut butter. Paired with Heron Pinot Noir, California, 2010.

The American Restaurant
Kansas City, Missouri
(November 6, 2011)