Foie gras

We had a gentleman requesting copious amounts of foie gras tonight....as much as I wanted to do flavors that were "outside the box" I couldn't help my love of the classics with foie gras ...black truffle ice cream, powdered pippin apple sorbet, hazelnut, long pepper, broken crostada and Foggy Ridge's apple brandy. My good friend Curtis Duffy has a dish called caviar-traditional..untraditional....I suppose this dish could fall under that title.


smoked egg yolk ravioli

Instead of a turn over style ravioli we went for the more "traditional look"...the ravioli skin and filling are 100% egg yolk. Only the filling is lightly smoked. Ham & bonito consomme.


Egg dinner

Aerated & frozen egg yolk ice cream, passionfruit, nutmeg, coffee, yogurt, lime
These are some of the egg preparations tonight...
Aerated and frozen egg yolk custard
flourless egg yolk ravioli...and hydrocolloid less with ham bouillon
scrambled egg mousse
pickled and smoked egg
egg custard infused with tea and lemon thyme
flourless and potatoless egg yolk gnocchi
smoked 63 degree egg yolk
puffed egg white
passion fruit & lime curd
aerated angelfood cake
meringue.....the list could go on but we had to fit this in 5 courses.