Images from service

Crisp sunchoke skin, sunchoke mousse, sunflower butter and yuzu

Beef with grasses

Images from service

Preserved carrot, with a spread of muscavado sugar and tonka bean

Ricotta mousse, mandarin, bitter cocoa, malt and sugared egg yolk

Burnt embers.


Images from service

Meyer lemon "curd", caraway milk, frozen and burnt meringue, mustard greens and walnut "dacquoise"

Raw sweet maine shrimp, wild ginger oil, angelica braised in apple juice, radish and chilled matsutake "cream"

Spiced bread with lamb liver

and an englishman!!


Images from tonights service

Sunchokes, preserved goose berries, black butter emulsion, thyme and dungeness crab.

Fall peas, spinach, lemon verbena, cilantro, nasturtium, green strawberry juice and yogurt.


Frosted geranium

Frosted geranium leaves, parsnip, chamomile, preserved cucumber and lemongrass


Images from tonights service

Apple, duck liver, angelica, hazelnut

Potato, egg, sea lettuce, kohlrabi, dill, chicken stock


Images from tonights service

Buttermilk, toasted milk ice cream, yeast, bitter almond, white pepper and celery root

Black cod, smoked anchovy cream, mushroom threads and pine infusion


Desserts from last night

Broken vanilla marshmallow, frozen cucumber ice, sorrel, hibiscus, olive oil and geranium

Cantaloupe, toasted farro, tumeric root, carrot, wild sassafras & wild ginger


Images from tonights service

Sweet corn enriched with egg, chicken liver, lovage and oats

Gazpacho of zucchini and green foliage


Lamb shoulder

Glazed in it's own stock & beet juice, malt, beets smoked and dried with licorice and elderberries. Underneath are beets in the style of Bolognese...tomato, beets, fennel, onion, lamb stock....etc, etc.


Hot & Cold morels

Cold morels lightly grilled over fire, chilled and coated in reduced cream.
Hot morels glazed in their own juices.



Melon & Flowers
pink peony, pickled roses, artichoke juice, orange flower water meringue


Images from tonights service

Baby peas, enriched with scrambled egg mousse, vanilla, mint and wild pea flowers

Beef cheek, crispy tongue, grasses, hay, toasted elephant garlic and horseradish


Images from tonights service

Pork tail with amaranth and crispy shellfish

Quince curd, olive oil, pine ice cream, dill and lavender

Licorice ice cream, black olive, bran and stewed rhubarb



Mussel "ash", lovage, hazelnut butter, meyer lemon


Barbequed asparagus

smoked mussel, "ash" of frozen mussel juice, lovage, cured shad roe


Cold cream of oysters

Raw rhubarb and an infusion of angelica, fennel, sweet cicely and celery


Broken vanilla marshmallow

The green strawberries are from this past summer...they have been preserved in salt and sugar.