Images from tonights service

Buttermilk, toasted milk ice cream, yeast, bitter almond, white pepper and celery root

Black cod, smoked anchovy cream, mushroom threads and pine infusion


Desserts from last night

Broken vanilla marshmallow, frozen cucumber ice, sorrel, hibiscus, olive oil and geranium

Cantaloupe, toasted farro, tumeric root, carrot, wild sassafras & wild ginger


Images from tonights service

Sweet corn enriched with egg, chicken liver, lovage and oats

Gazpacho of zucchini and green foliage


Lamb shoulder

Glazed in it's own stock & beet juice, malt, beets smoked and dried with licorice and elderberries. Underneath are beets in the style of Bolognese...tomato, beets, fennel, onion, lamb stock....etc, etc.