"Uni of banana"

Working on a dish for an upcoming event we need to down size an existing dish...crab with onions, uni, brown butter, chanterelle mushrooms, lime and banana. The more we play with lime pickle the more interesting results we uncover. Like Andoni's sunchoke that creates a crab like affect the banana has made its own "uni" if you will. We are then left with a skin of banana. Here we just rolled it around some crab for a platform to show off the shape. Now if only I could find orange bananas.


Frodnesor said...

Sounds like you want these:


Good luck finding someone who can get you bananas from Micronesia.

H. Alexander Talbot said...

annato seed in an infusion/marinade to pull your flavors together might just do the trick, think of all the orange cheddar and mimmolette out there

Bergen County New Homes said...

The food looks unbelieveable! Love to try it.