King crab

The idea for this dish was create a look of minimalism but in fact something quite complex in flavor. We've taken the crab back to its natural surroundings...sort of. The crab is dressed with meyer lemon oil and salt. The slushy ice is young coconut water cold steeped with geranium, lemon verbena, culantro, lemongrass, chile, meyer lemon juice and rose water. Frozen coconut "snow"


Brian said...

Looks great. Do you guys have an email address to contact you about setting up a stage at the restaurant? Mine is
brian at foodology.co.nz

Anonymous said...

Hello Karen and John:
I look at your website occasionally and dream of a visit... Just wanted to let you know that the menu and wine list are blurry and unreadable when you download them.
Hope all is well out there -
Katie French

salon naples said...

Wow! I'd love a description of what this is!

Robin & Jim said...

Hi Guys,

Hope your vacation was fun! We've been thinking a lot about our meals at Town House... can't wait to go back.

Our version of this dish was amazing. http://www.flickr.com/photos/theclumsycook/5442713450/

Robin & Jim Salant