More rain!


Juan said...

Hi Chef My name is JUAN from San Francisco, I left a comment not too long ago about possibly staging in your kitchen I would be humbled if you give the opportunity to stage in your kitchen the week of May 10th. I'm a cook but been trying to learn my way thru pastry which is why I'm currently finishing my 9 week pastry stage at Alinea. Im a fan of what Chef Shields is doing at Townhouse and would love to help if you have the space. If you could email me at jpchef@gmail.com to asses the details I would highly appreciate it. Thank you for your time

Anonymous said...

I had this tonight, it was DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for acoomodating a vegetarian, and more than this...for accomodating a vegetarian without serving undercooked risotto or pasta and overcooked vegetables in a bland creme sauce (my usual fare while the carnivores have their bacchinal!) Your table is AMAZING! The best vegetarian meal I have ever had outside my home! Amazing!!