Photos by Jose Moran

Embers of birch, wintergreen & mint

                   Hay sorbet, dried apples, white chocolate & sencha tea

Roasted lamb shoulder, caramelized milk, lamb marmite & black walnuts

Paw paw & a cream of wild roots...root beer

Shima aji, malabar spinach, seaweeds & spruce


 Dried corn sandie

 Lightly smoked onion, onion mayonnaise,
pickled blueberry, grilled onion & lobster gelee

Duck hearts, grilled roses with a purée of sour corn & foie gras fat

Tomato seawater with trout roe

Hay sorbet, dried apples & sencha tea


A cold stew of chicken & geoduck clam

lightly smoked, clam cream, fermented fish juices, mandarinquat, eucalyptus


Leeks cooked in coals with king crab

then warmed in a vinegar of bonito & coconut oil.

Dressed with a gelatinous bouillon made from onions, turbot skins & Turkish towel

Photo by Bonjwing Lee


Strawberry sorbet 2008

Strawberries and their juice folded into a spicy pepper sorbet.
Pan forte of black olive, Sichuan pepper, olive oil...yogurt


A few dishes from 2011

Abalone, dried pork & shellfish, creamed Virginia ham fat


Cucumber, lemon thyme, frozen marshmallow, cured green strawberries, geranium


A soup of sprouted radish,  grapefruit, oyster & ulva


Risotto of squid without rice or dairy


Maine lobster, cream of the shells & roe, tomalley, consommé gel, raw oloroso

Photos by Bonjwing Lee


Saison dinner

Shredded matsutake, black walnut, honey, chicken gelee 

White chocolate & yogurt
 sweet lime juice, finger lime, kaffir lime zest, lovage, juniper, crystal lettuce

 sunchoke, chickweed, sprouted wheatberries with a sauce of
 aged squab juice infused with sea lettuce, foie gras & roasted buckwheat 

Photos by Bonjwing Lee


Shigoku oyster

Coastal plants & seaweeds, egg yolk, spinach, cucumber


Blue crab and garlic filaments

Roasted garlic pieces, kasu, crab stock filaments & consommé


Our garden...lemongrass iced milk & fig leaf iced milk

Is it a salad or dessert?
Cherry tomatoes, blueberries, wine berries and carrot



Buttermilk, wild ginger snaps, black sesame, coffee, licorice


Beef tongue

Milk, wilds grasses, toasted elephant garlic, horseradish and hay


Blue & green blueberries

Warm ricotta, chamomile ice cream, coriander berries, fennel pectin, dill, crisp honey & olive oil



Chicken gelee, coconut oil, smoked garum, calendula, garlic scape, coriander and sorrel